Johanna Knutsson is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s most respected artists and DJs in the electronic music scene. For 8 years Knutsson has been crafting a name for herself on dance floors and in the studio with her otherworldly, alluring, techno infusions. She has released a string of well received records on labels such as Crime City Disco and Random Island, as well as founding the vinyl only cult label Zodiac 44 together with Klasse Recordings head Luca Lozano. In addition to producing music and playing records in and outside Berlin, Johanna Knutsson also co-hosts Hi/Low Power FM with Kate Miller.

With regular appearances at Berghain as well as an upcoming Australasian/South East Asian tour, Knutsson has established herself as a serious contender on the circuit. Currently, Johanna is working closely with Hans Berg, releasing music on their own UFO Station Recordings label.