Waking Life - 14/08 - Nikita Goile

We are delighted to announce that our stage at Waking Life Festival this year will be graced by one last minute addition to the lineup of performing artists. Nikita Goile is a member of the National Dance Company of Wales and is different kind of artist than the ones we usually work with. She expresses through movement rather than sound.

Two words which describe her work are timeless and organic. She uses improvisation to open up and escape restrictive habits and existing patterns, allowing mind and body to be genuine and drift off. The subtle journey between opposite qualities is at the core of her work, as well as the notion of control and its loss which generate, and regenerate, a perpetual evolution.

Nikita will join our concert for the festival opening ceremony alongside Johanna Knutsson, Leafar Legov, Sebastian Mullaert and Matt Karmil. This will also be the first appearance by Erased Tapes Records very own vibraphone magician Masayoshi Fujita. A totally new constellation and so much to look forward to!

You can find Nikita on: website, instagram, facebook.