Steevio is most widely known, along with his partner, Suzybee, as the founder of Freerotation festival, which just turned 13 years, but he still seems as passionate as ever about the possibilities of electronic music production (even if running the festival means he has much less time in the studio than he'd like). He gets his kicks from a modular rig that itself has become a little mythical. The full setup is Keith Emerson-esque, and has only been used live a handful of times outside of Freerotation.

Building the rig has been worth the effort—it's helped Steevio develop a style you could spot in a blind test. He's fond of slippery melodies and subtly broken beats, a sound that comes from a desire to stand out in the house and techno pack. "I got bored of hearing the same 4/4 motifs like snare drums and claps on the beats 2 and 4, which is the common house method of punctuating the rhythm," he said in 2012. These one-take jams usually end up on his own Mindtours label, although there have been releases on UntilMyHeartStops and Schmorgasbord as well. Barring any further delays at the pressing plant, there'll be a new Modular Techno EP on Mindtours and a track on a compilation EP for the Freerotation label (alongside tracks from Anthony Child, Duckett and Tom Ellis) in the coming weeks. For now, put aside 15 minutes and watch Steevio weave his modular magic.