BERLIN - 15/09 - Mother's Finest x Freerotation

We are returning to Berlin for a very special collaboration with Mother’s Finest and Freerotation Festival taking place at Griessmuehle on Sunday September 15th.

Those of you who attended our debut performance in Funkhaus last year can expect to experience something quite different, as we are bringing a completely different constellation of artists with representing circlists Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio & Suzybee and Tobias.

The artists will enter the flow of improvisation at 22:00 on Sunday evening and conclude at 4:00 in the morning, so be there right from the start to experience the whole journey.

The Saturday night programme looks absolutely amazing, so you will probably find us on the dancefloor shaking hips to DJ Bone, Shackleton, Pearson Sound, Willow, Leif, Elisabeth, Tom Ellis, Grimes Adhesif, Miriam Schulte and Franklin De Costa.

We have a limited allocation of 50% discounted tickets available exclusively to our mailing list subscribers, so if you haven’t singed up yet you can still join here

Very much looking forward to this weekend. See you in Berlin!